Whereever you are

Whereever you are

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Three's a company

So, I know it's been , geez, almost a year that i have made a post, BUT time has not stood still for me. Among vacations, getting my bachelors degree and living life, i am proud to anounce that me and my husband are expecting our first child this October, a babyboy who will be named Caiden Matthew Borrego. We found out on Valentines, ( go figure) and we can not wait for this planned bundle to steal all of our down time. I am almost 6 months pregnant and he seems to be so active, or at least my kidneys believe so. Ouch. I am currently working for Discover Oklahoma, a show that is all about tourism, and travel, and boy is it fun. Trying to recap the whole year, is hard, but i think thats about the latest with me. Now what is is that I am supposed to be doing right now? oh wait, resting while i still can!!

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